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Game Of The Year

Both Mark Schlabach and Brian Bennett over at are predicting Pitt Vs. Cincinnati as the Big East Game of the Year.  It's easy to point to this one on the schedule as the main event - especially because it's lined up for the final week of the season once again.

I'm not so sure I agree.

I would point to the Backyard Brawl as possibly the game to decide it all.  Cincinnati should have a strong year, but I'd look to the game they have November 13th AT West Virginia.  Cincinnati will have their hands full playing on the road, and with pretty manageable schedules playing some of the conference lightweights early, both teams could enter the game with no more than one loss.  The Bearcats should hope that it doesn't turn into a night game in Morgantown (time is currently TBA) or that could make it even harder to win.

Sure, you can argue that Pitt could just as easily slip up as well.  But the bottom line is that Pitt Vs. Cincinnati is no guarantee to be the conference's featured game.