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Ireland Getting Ready For Pitt

The hype over in Ireland seems to be spreading.  Apparently there's something called a British Basketball League.  No, really.  Seriously.

Anyway, the capital city and host of a tournament the Panthers will play in, is hoping Pitt's appearance the tournament will help land a pro team:
The British Basketball League could have a franchise in Belfast by the year 2012, Ireland's most-capped international player has said.

Gareth Maguire made the statement at the launch of the Belfast Basketball Classic, a four-team tournament featuring the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, Australian NBL team the Melbourne Tigers, as well as the national sides of England and Scotland.
Maguire told the BBC: "This tournament is a stepping stone towards the [BBL] franchise."
It is proof we can run events like these. Wouldn't it be a fantastic story to launch this team at the Olympics in September 2012? That is what our aim is."
Meanwhile, this paragon of journalistic virtue, claims 'Pittsburg University' has quite the following back here in the states:
The Panthers, Pittsburg University's team, are one of the biggest names in American basketball, while the Tigers -- owned by former Belfast man Seamus McPeake -- are one of the top outfits in the Australian NBL. Both are watched regularly by crowds of 20,000.
Seriously?  You're going to roll with Pittsburg University?  Can't we at least get the name correct?  And I wasn't aware that the Pete added about 7,500 seats to its venue. Regularly watched by 20,000 people?

Look, I certainly have made my share of mistakes in this blog.  I do this in my spare time and don't get everything right.  But man, come on.

Seriously, though.  I've been downplaying the whole trip to Ireland trip a bit.  But it's got to be kind of exciting for basketball fans to see.  Now the question comes - will Pitt lose any games?  Hmmm...