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Jabaal Sheard Does His Best Gilbert Brown Imitation

The only thing that may potentially derail Pitt's chances of having a great season is Pitt itself. Pitt does a fairly good job of staying out of trouble, but like any other school, problems do surface.

One such issue surfaced over the weekend when Jabaal Sheard was arrested and consequently suspended from team activities.

Of course the issue apparently happened after midnight. Say it with me - nothing good can come out of being in bars past midnight. There won't be a preliminary hearing until July 28th, so there likely won't be any kind of immediate decision (at least a good news type decision) anytime soon.

The good news, obviously, is that the season has not yet begun. But with camp coming up soon, it would be nice for him to get back to the team as quickly as possible. Facing Utah, Pitt doesn't exactly have a walkover opponent in its opener.