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Jabaal Sheard Hearing Delayed

The hearing for Jabaal Sheard, scheduled for today, has been postponed until next Wednesday.  There are a few reports out there right now.

KDKA-TV has been updating the story all day and they are reporting something less than ideal for Sheard:
Today in court, Sheard reportedly wanted to plea to a lesser charge. He also agreed to pay the victim's medical bills, totaling about $1,000.
However, the victim would not accept either and now wants the case to proceed.
Meanwhile, the Post-Gazette is reporting that Sheard's lawyer says the extra time is needed to determine the exact amount owed to the victim.  Either way, it sounds like more money to me.

With training camp coming up around the corner, I'm sure Sheard and Pitt are anxious to put this behind them and determine an appropriate punishment.  At this point, it's looking more and more like a quick fix may be out of the question.