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Pitt Again Reportedly Near Deal With 93.7 FM The Fan

Stop me if you've heard this one, but Pitt is again apparently near a deal to move its radio broadcast from Clear Channel to 93.7 FM The Fan.  Bob Smizik first reported this a while back and he's now reporting that after some stalled talks, the move appears back on.

Even though Pitt is already on an FM broadcast in Pittsburgh the move will benefit fans for a few reasons.  93.7 FM is a full-time sports talk station and there should be plenty of Pitt discussion for fans around the clock.  And because Pitt is the only broadcasting rights currently owned by the station, keeping the school happy will likely be a priority.  That probably means lots of Pitt discussion and maybe even some specialty programming such as extended pre- and post- game shows or Pitt-only shows.