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Pitt Basketball Lands Mystery Man

I put off mentioning the apparent verbal of center Steve Adams, mostly because there was little information out there on him.  I'm sure it was partially due to the holiday weekend, but more due to the fact that he plays in New Zealand.  The Post-Gazette broke the news yesterday, but haven't had an update about it.

Scout has a page, but no ranking for him.  Rivals has no page at all from what I've been able to find.

In 2009, Adams was named the MVP of the New Zealand U17 National Championships, finishing third in scoring, first in rebounding, and first in blocks on his team.  He was also the MVP of the New Zealand U19 National Championships that ended last month.

Toss in some spectacular alley-oop dunks and blocked shots, and Adams is clearly a young man going places.
"I want to try and make the NBA," Adams said. "My hero is [Orlando Magic superstar] Dwight Howard."
Chris Dokish makes a good point in that Pitt will now be able to recruit other smaller players as power forwards now as Adams would be a center.  That makes a world of sense to me as I'm sure some potential recruits have been following the Dante Taylor situation and wondering if they may be put in a similar situation - a true power forward that is asked to play center.  Then again, that is dependent on Adams being a quality center and able to handle the position.

Since he's going to be in the 2012 recruiting class, I'm a little surprised that Pitt would come out and accept a verbal from a potential question mark.  2012 is a ways off, so this is far from a done deal.  Still, to essentially offer him at this point, they must be extremely high on him.