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Dave Wannstedt Fooling No One

Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt wouldn't commit to it, but Phil Bennett confirmed what most of us knew - that Aaron Donald will not redshirt this year:
"He's going to play," Bennett said. "Greg [Gattuso] will tell you that he's right in the mix."
As I mentioned yesterday, I didn't think there was any way Donald wouldn't play after all the praise he received from Wannstedt during training camp. Still, it was good to hear it confirmed and Bennett apparently didn't care that Wannstedt wouldn't confirm it or, less likely, didn't know. Either way, the 'secret' is out.

In other notes from Paul Zeise's awesome PG blog, Greg Romeus is back in a big way, the weakside linebacker spot has not yet been claimed, and more. Excellent read worth the look anytime he has a post.