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Greg Romeus News

Greg Romeus was out of practice for a third straight day today.  Dave Wannstedt is still claiming its nothing serious:

"He’s fine. He’s just stiff. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll start doing something."
I don't know - the longer this goes on, the longer I question if it's only stiffness.  I'm not sure it's a major injury, but it is a bit strange that only stiffness would sideline someone so long.

And another day...heck, another hour, another award watch list. This time, it's Greg Romeus up for the Ted Hendricks Award Watch List:
Considered one of the most disruptive defenders in all of college football, Pitt senior defensive end Greg Romeus continued to receive more recognition today when he was named a preseason candidate for the Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award.
Romeus was up for the award this year, but should have a better shot at landing it this season.  He's also up for several other awards including the Bednarik Award, the Nagurski Award, the Lott Award, and the Lombardi Award.