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Greg Romeus Returns. Finally.

After a nine-day absence, Greg Romeus finally participated in a full day's session at training camp - his first such day this Fall:
"It was very encouraging this morning with Greg," Wannstedt said Monday night before his team took the field for a rare night workout during camp. "He came out and took every snap in full pads, inside run, team, pass rush. He did everything from start to finish and felt good afterward. We're headed down the right road there."
The bad news is that plenty of guys are still banged up with minor injuries including Dion Lewis, Ray Graham, and Dom DeCicco. There's of course the Bryan Murphy injury, but there appear to be no major injuries to the starters so far. Hopefully it stays that way. With only about two weeks until Utah (yes, only two weeks), Pitt will need to get Romeus plenty of work.

The Panthers will again scrimmage Wednesday night.