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Greg Romeus Still Out

Yesterday, Dave Wannstedt said he expected Greg Romeus to be back in practice today. However, Paul Zeise of the Post-Gazette points out that wasn't the case.

I still am not so sure this is serious, but Zeise elaborates in his blog and raises some questions:
Greg Romeus missed practice again with the always mysterious "soreness and stiffness" which is code for who knows what. Obviously if he was just sore or stiff he'd be out there and while I know he's had some back issues in the past and coaches are going to be very cautious with him, I'm not sure that this isn't something lingering. I remember last year Jabaal Sheard was out with a knee injury that was supposed to be minor and day-to-day and he ended up missing more than half of camp. I'm not saying that is going on with Romeus but it does seem awful strange to me that your All-American defensive end is missing two practices in a row.
I don't know. Zeise knows far better than I would, but it's still really early in camp. With a big game right off the bat, I would expect that Pitt be overly cautious with him. Maybe it is a bigger deal than Wannstedt is letting on, but I'm not convinced that it's a huge deal just yet.