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Jabaal Sheard Resolution

Pitt DE Jabaal Sheard was ordered today to pay court costs and the medical bills of the man whom he fought during an altercation several weeks ago.  No mention was made of the window which was broken during the fight, but Sheard offered to pay for that damage previously.

This is a lesser charge than the felony count of aggravated assault as well as various misdemeanors.

Sheard pled gulty to a summary charge of disorderly conduct and now comes the part Pitt fans have been waiting for - punishment from coach Dave Wannstedt. The lesser charges may help his cause, but a game suspension could still be forthcoming.

UPDATE: Per an update to the PG story above, Sheard has been reinstated to the team.  Wannstedt says internal discipline will take place. To me, that sounds like possibly no full game discipline (which would be a surprise to me), but I could be reading that completely wrong.