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Pitt Named Preseason Big East Football Favorite

Pitt came in first in the media poll at the Big East's Media Day, receiving 22 of 24 first-place votes. WVU and Cincinnati tied for second.

For more on this and continuous updates on the activities of Big East Media Day, catch our stream over at SB Nation Pittsburgh.


Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant squashes the pretty ridiculous rumor about Memphis joining the conference today.

Noel Devine missed the media day due to food poisoning.

This year, the Big East will issue weekly injury reports.

In case you missed it, the Big East is not expanding.  John Marinatto feels the need to continue issuing ridiculous statements:
"The Big East is stronger today in every way than it has ever been," commissioner John Marinatto said during Big East media day Tuesday in a seaside resort town not far from the league office in Providence.
It's statements like these that make me fear for the future of the conference. Instead of being proactive, it seems the status quo is fine with everyone. The Big East needs to face the hard fact that if it loses three teams, the conference has a strong chance to be kaput.  Saying foolish things about the conference being in a position of strength borders on lunacy.

Marinatto is a tough guy to figure out.  One minute he's talking big about utilizing the New York market for all sorts of things and the next, he seems perfectly willing to sit back and do nothing...unless this is all some sort of smokescreen.  I hope it's the latter.

"We may create a television network of our own or maybe a hybrid of the two," Marinatto said. "Everything is on the table."
Meanwhile, the schools are happy to survive.

Finally, Paul Zeise of the PG is up at Big East Media Day and has a good column with some news and notes.