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This Just In: Pitt's Tickets Still Low

We all knew Pitt's football tickets were low, but this low?

According to a report by ticketing site SeatGeek, Pitt not only has low tickets, but the lowest of all teams in the Top 25.

At an average ticket price of $65.43, Pitt has lower tickets than teams such as Georgia Tech, TCU, Oregon, and, well, everyone else.  It's no secret that Pitt has been trying to pack the stadium by offering bargain basement pricing. Heck, parking passes cost almost as much as some of the lowest-level seats.

Selling thousands and thousands of seats at under $20.00 per game will lower the overall price considerably, but this is another example of how far back Pitt is in the fan interest game.  I think that competing with three pro teams has a lot to do with it - four if you count Pitt basketball, which sells out regularly.  Take a look at the other teams on the list and see how many have even one pro team in the same town.  But the bottom line is that Pitt needs to have more success to sell out games, and ultimately, raise ticket prices.