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College Fantasy Football. Seriously?

It's true. You may have noticed the Florida Gators link down in the list of blogger friends.  What's that all about?

Well, James Brown of the awesome Gators blog, Gators First, asked me to participate in a college fantasy football league. He's got a whole roster of bloggers and I'm representing the Big East.

My first foray into college football was not a good one. First, getting used to's draft platform was rough.  Three times, the computer autodrafted for me because, well, I didn't know what I was doing.  In addition, I'm not all that familiar with players in other leagues...even stars.

Add it all up and it means a crappy draft.  Heck, I even only managed to land one Panther...and it was the kicker, Dan Hutchins. Anyway, here's my roster.  I'm going to try to mention how I do each week, though I anticipate a heavy dose of losses:

QBs - Jake Locker (WA) and Tyrod Taylor (VT)
RBs - Anthony Allen (GT), Daniel Thomas (KS ST), Armando Allen (ND), Victor Anderson (LVILLE), Delone Carter (SYR)
WRs - Keith Smith (PUR), Owen Spencer (NCST), Alexander Torres (TXTCH), Damarlo Belcher (IND)
K - Dan Hutchins (PITT)
DST - Nebraska