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Pitt Stumbles Right Out Of The Polls

Despite losing this past week to Utah, I was a bit surprised to see Pitt fall out of the AP poll completely.

I figured they'd drop down to near the bottom, but didn't think a loss to a top 25 team on the road would make them fall more than ten spots. Utah, for the record, rightfully moved into the polls at #20. Pitt came in third in the dreaded "Others Receiving Votes" category, good for 28th overall.

Frankly, I don't see how an overtime loss to a now top 20 team on the road should bump a team down 13 spots, but so be it. The rankings don't necessarily mean all that much to Pitt now and the goal is to win the Big East.

Still, it was a big shock to me that they fell that far.

That said, maybe it's just me -'s Big East blogger Brian Bennett also thought Pitt should have fallen out as he didn't rank them in his top 25, either.