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Week Six SBN Big East Power Rankings

Andrew over at SB Nation's UCONN blog titled...The UCONN Blog, runs a weekly Big East power ranking. Be sure to check out his site to see this week's rankings (not yet posted). When looking at the schedules/records of all the teams, it's not hard to see that the league is really down this year. No team has a really good out of conference win so for the most part, it comes down to ranking the losses.

My ballot for this week was:

8. Louisville - Won two in a row, but has beaten nobody and lost at home to Kentucky

7. UCONN - Loss at Rutgers and two convincing losses on road

6. USF - Loss at home to Syracuse this week and loss to Florida

5. Cincinnati - Three losses, but all to teams with winning records

4. Pitt - In this spot because its three losses were the 'best' losses in the league...whatever that means
3. Rutgers - Won its first conference game of the year against UCONN
2. Syracuse - 4-1 and wins a key game on the road against South Florida
1. WVU - Only ranked Big East team and its only loss was against a ranked team on the road