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Will Dave Wannstedt Be Fired If Pitt Fails To Win Big East?

The SB Nation Pittsburgh weekly Pitt feature takes a look at this question and I provide five reasons why I think head coach Dave Wannstedt will be back.


Here's a snippet from the article - reason No. 1:


1. Pitt has improved on the field over the past two seasons. Pitt started off slowly under Wannstedt, hovering around .500 for his first three seasons. But in 2009 and 2010, the team won 19 games, including its first 10-win season in nearly 30 years. Those two seasons were far better than the previous three and showed Wannstedt was on the right track. He began winning with his own guys, and while the end to the 2010 regular season was a disappointing one, the team clearly had turned the corner. The administration isn't likely to fire him just because of one mediocre season.


Click here to visit SB Nation Pittsburgh and to read the rest of the article.