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Big East Confirms Expansion Plans (Insert Yawn Here)

So the Big East has formally announced that it wants to move to ten teams. Sorry if I don't get too excited...

Seriously, though. The conference's announcement that it has decided to expand is akin to me saying I need to lose weight. We all know it needs to happen - it's merely stating the obvious. Chas over at Pitt Blather also echoes my sentiment pretty well.

There was no further statement on who the conference might be targeting or when expansion might occur, but we all know the usual suspects. TCU, Nova, East Carolina, Memphis, Temple, etc. Commissioner John Marinatto was pretty mum on the whole situation:

Big East presidents agreed in a meeting on Tuesday that it would be in their best interests to increase its football membership from eight to ten members, the conference said.

"Today, our Board of Directors affirmed a set of key strategic initiatives, including expansion, designed to enhance membership stability and maximize our value," Big East commissioner John Marinatto said in a statement.

Nothing to see here, people ... move along.