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Pitt Vs. UConn: Panthers Selling Standing Room Only Seats

Pitt is hoping to cram a few extra hundred people into the Pete for Monday's game against No. 4 UConn.

The Panthers ticket office has decided to make 200 standing room only tickets available for Monday's big matchup against UConn. Typically, this type of stuff reeks of a money grab, but considering that Pitt doesn't do this too often (I can't even remember the last time they did), it's hard to say that is the case.

The school's stance is that it's in honor of Jamie Dixon's 200th career win against American on Wednesday night.

Tickets are available at face value and will go on sale at 5:00 p.m. the day of the game at the ticket office. The athletic department put up some tickets on December 4th and they sold out within an hour.

The game on December 27th is the Big Monday game of the week and will be on ESPN2. Should be a good matchup and barometer of where Pitt stands to date.