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Pitt Football / BBVA Compass Bowl: Mike Cruz And Jason Hendricks To Miss Game?

Paul Zeise of the Post-Gazette, as I've said numerous times, is one of the only guys I consider to be truly 'in the know' about Pitt happenings. He's back with his latest piece which takes a look at lots of different topics including the possibility that two players may miss Pitt's BBVA Compass Bowl game against Kentucky.

Zeise has the scoop about Mike Cruz and Jason Hendricks, who are apparently facing some sort of disciplinary action and currently suspended. It's unclear right now if one or both will miss the upcoming bowl game, but it sounds as if it's a possibility.

Be sure to check out the post as it contains some good insight about who may be coaching the bowl game, the Mike Haywood transition, and recruiting. But there is one thing I disagree with Zeise on ...

One thing I disagree with Zeise on is the fact that fans shouldn't panic as Mike Haywood may be able to bring in better recruits or recruits that might be a better fit in his system. I'll be getting into this more a bit later when I discuss the armageddon that is Pitt's recuirting situation. But while it may not be a complete panic alert time yet, the notion that Mike Haywood will be able to land better players than Pitt was recuirting in the relatively short time he has is probably a bit unrealistic.