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Dave Wannstedt Fired: First Candidates Have Communication With Pitt

Well, that was quick, wasn't it? And for good reason - while Pitt needs to make sure they have the right guy, they can't fool around too long.

Paul Zeise of the Post-Gazette says that Pitt already had some introductory contact with some coaches.

Pitt has apparently reached out to Temple coach Al Golden and Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen. I haven't seen any official comment from Golden yet, but Holgorsen came out and said he had no contact with Pitt:

When Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis resigned on Monday, Holgorsen was rumored to have been considered as a successor. And before Urban Meyer resigned at Florida this week, Holgorsen was rumored to have been considered for the Gators’ offensive coordinator position.

Reached by telephone on Thursday, Holgorsen said he had no dialogue with anyone at Texas and has not spoken with anyone representing Pitt.

"That’s what you should write because it’s true. Go ahead," Holgorsen said. "I’m recruiting in Houston, Texas, on behalf of Oklahoma State."

But when he was asked via text message if a third party had any contact, he did not immediately reply:

Later Thursday, Holgorsen indicated in a text message that he is not represented by an agent. When asked in a subsequent text message whether he had been represented by any third party in a discussion with Pitt, Holgorsen did not respond.

I'd be inclined to believe Zeise's report as he's pretty accurate and is someone I consider to be 'in the know.' Zeise also says that several coaches have reached out to Pitt including Tom Bradley, Mark Stoops, Teryl Austin, and Sal Sunseri.

The longer this goes on, the more intrigued I am with Bradley. My initial reaction was that I'd steer clear of him because I think if Penn State came calling, he'd leave. That might still be the case, but Al Golden is mentioned more and more as a possible successor to Joe Pa, not Bradley.

Still a long ways off, but it looked like a lot of the initial names we heard about are indeed potential viable candidates.