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Pitt Football: Todd Graham's New Staff

I wanted to wait to get to a breakdown of Todd Graham's new football staff because despite the qiuck hires, there were several spots still open.

Before we take a brief (and I do mean brief) look at each of the school's new assistant coaches, there are a few things to point out. It appears as if there are co-offensive and co-defensive coordinators. I'm guessing he awarded those titles for strictly resume-fattening purposes, but that's fine.

The other thing, is that Pitt has one more full-time assistant it can pay. Since there's currently a void under special teams, I'm really hoping it's there. But several of the guys on this staff have special teams experience, so they may bypass it.

Anyway, onto the coaches.

Calvin Magee (Co-Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs) - Former OC under Rich Rodriguez at both WVU and Michigan. Played in NFL for four seasons with Tampa Bay. 2007 National AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year. Coached some of top offensive and rushing units in the country at WVU and Michigan. Last year, Michigan was 25th in scoring offense in the nation and 13th in rushing.

Mike Norvell (Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers/Recruiting Director) - Was the Passing Game Coordinator/Receivers Coach/Recruiting Director under Graham at Tulsa.

Keith Patterson (Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers) - Was DC under Graham at Tulsa, where they had of the nation's worst defenses last year, but some of his individual units have had some modest success since he took over in 2006. Before he came to Tulsa, was a high school coach and had no previous college coaching experience.

Paul Randolph (Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line) - Was the co-DC under Graham at Rice, where his unit once led the conference in sacks. Also coached the defensive line under Graham at WVU and was a DE coach for three seasons at Alabama. Was listed as a top 25 recruiter by Rivals in 2004.

Tony Gibson (Cornerbacks/Recruiting Coordinator) - Was DB and Special Teams coach under Rich Rodriguez at Michigan last year. Played and coached under RichRod at Glenville State before going to WVU as DB coach. Later coordinated recruiting at WVU as well.

Todd Dodge (Quarterbacks) - Dodge was named the North Texas head coach after becoming one of the top high school coaches in the nation. He was fired from that job this season after failing to win many games. Coached former Heisman hopeful Chase Daniel in high school.

Spencer Leftwich (Offensive Line) - Was offensive line coach at Tulsa and also at North Texas under Todd Dodge mentioned above.

Tony Dews (Tight Ends) - Was WR coach at Michigan and West Virginia under RichRod. Also coached various units at UNLV, Central Michigan, and Holy Cross and was a graduate assistant at WVU.

Shawn Griswold (Strength and Conditioning) - Looks like Buddy Morris is again out at Pitt. I can understand wanting his own guy, but Morris, who was on his third stint at Pitt, seemed like a good coach to have around. He had strength and conditioning experience in college and the NFL and was really liked by the players. Wish they could have found a way to make it work.