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Pitt Football: Bill Fralic Calls Out Steve Pederson On Mike Haywood Hire

Thanks to Twitter and the internet, we know current players and recruits aren't real high on Pitt now.

But that also goes for Pitt and NFL legend, Bill Fralic.

Fralic who is not only a former player, but tied to the current team as a radio analyst, is worried about the state of the program. Real worried:

Haywood's arrest on domestic violence charges and Pitt's decision to fire him could leave the program reeling worse than it seemingly already is, those close to the program said.

"I don't know how we move forward without taking a step back to make sure we don't take 10 steps back," said former Pitt standout Bill Fralic, now the Panthers' radio analyst. "I'm afraid we're going to go back 20 years."

But that's not so harsh - he's just showing mere concern. However, Fralic didn't stop there as he identified the source of the problem as he sees it:

Fralic blamed athletic director Steve Pederson for making a mess of a program that was 26-12 in the past three seasons.

"This is all about Steve Pederson trying to make a mark, and he's made a black eye," Fralic said. "I would take a long, hard look at how we come to make this decision. I think there's a lot of people who have supported that program who are very disillusioned. I just don't know how we could be so wrong."

Again, Fralic isn't some disgruntled alumni looking at the program from afar. He's extremely knowledgeable about the current team as he calls games for the school on the radio.

Perhaps equally as significant as his comments was the early part of the article. Chancellor Mark Nordenberg addressed the team. It's unclear if Steve Pederson was there, but Nordenberg appears to be getting out in front of this and taking a more active role.

What does that mean for Pederson? I don't know. Well, as I mentioned yesterday, Associate Athletic Director E.J. Borghetti came out and gave Pederson what seemed to be a vote of confidence. I also still feel, as I said yesterday, that to try to replace an AD and a coach would be difficult. Does Nordenberg have the time or the patience to do that right now with all that's going on? If so, the coaching search may be severely delayed as most coaches want to at least know the AD with which they're going to be working.