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Pitt Football: Chancellor Nordenberg In Contact With Tom Bradley

Paul Zeise of the Post-Gazette is pulling double duty, trying to cover Pitt's bowl game against Kentucky and also working on the coaching story. As usual, he doesn't miss a beat.

Zeise has news that Pitt Chancellor Mark Nordenberg has been in contact with Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley - presumably about Pitt's opening for head coach.

If it's surprising to you that Nordenberg is talking to Bradley instead of Athletic Director, than you haven't been paying attention lately. It was Nordenberg who issued a statement after the dismissal of Mike Haywood. It was Nordenberg who met with the players to try to bring some stability to the situation. And, more importantly, it was Pederson who reportedly didn't interview Tom Bradley the first time around at the hinting of Steelers owner Dan Rooney. How awkward would that call have been if he tried to make it now?

The extent of their contact wasn't reported, but there apparently has been some sort of contact.

If you wanted to, you could speculate that Nordenberg only reached out to Bradley to patch up the situation with the Rooneys. But I think that he's a legitimate candidate, as he should be.

So how's this work going forward? Well, if Bradley is interviewed, it's got to be Pederson that conducts the interview obviously. I mean, they've got to speak to each other sometime.