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Pitt Loses Three Players to Season-Ending Injuries

Well, the worst case scenarios have happened and Pitt has officially lost Ray Graham, Matt Rotheram, and Cam Saddler to season ending injuries. This was probably the worst thing that could've happened to this offense right as Pitt heads into its four biggest games in the season. Graham's knee injury, according to head coach Todd Graham, will require surgery. Rotheram suffered a fractured left ankle and will also undergo surgery. Saddler suffered a fractured sternum. 

Pitt's list of players with season-ending injuries grows to six, joining Chris Jacobson (knee), Salath Williams (shoulder), and Jason Hendricks (shoulder).

"We are incredibly disappointed for these three young men," Coach Graham said. "They have put so much work into our program and it’s heartbreaking to see their seasons end prematurely. Even from the sidelines, I know they are going to remain important leaders who will continue to make an impact as we strive to reach our goal of a Big East championship.

We are screwed.