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Pitt Basketball: Could Steven Adams Bypass Pitt On Way To NBA?

Got to admit that I didn't really give this scenario any thought before, but Chad Ford of ESPN says there's a chance Pitt super recruit for 2012 could bypass Pitt entirely and head straight for the NBA Draft.

Apparently, this is because he's an international player that's old enough to be eligible (Insider Article). As we've gone over before, Adams is definitely high on the radar for the NBA despite being a full year away from coming to Pitt.

How's this shape out? I don't know, to be honest. One thing we do know is that it's incredibly rare for a player with no college experience to make the jump - especially with the new rules about a player having to be removed from high school for a year. And as Ford says, the market could be a bit crowded for power forwards in 2012.

The other thing of interest is the current NBA lockout. There could be additional rules that come out from that, which could affect players like Adams.

In the end, I expect to see Adams come. It would be a huge blow for Pitt if he didn't, but I the program will continue to tick along. And if he could be a lottery pick, hard to make an argument against that.