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Backyard Brawl Week: Looking at First-Year Records in the Brawl

With the Brawl now only hours away, here are records on both sides of how first year coaches did in their first Backyard Brawl. The starting point will be 1943, when the rivalry began being played every year up to the present.

Only one other time in the history of the rivalry has both sides featured new coaches - 1966 when new Pitt coach David Hart and new WVU coach Jim Carlen met at old Pitt Stadium. The game ended in a 17-14 Pitt win.

Since 1943, new Pitt coaches are 11-6*. When the game is in Morgantown, Pitt is 3-2.

*This includes both of Johnny Majors stints as Pitt head coach

Since 1943, new WVU coaches are 0-11**. However, only once has the game been in Morgantown. That was in 2001 in Rich Rodriguez's first year, a 23-17 Pitt win.

**This includes both Ira Errett "Rat" Rogers and Bill Kern, who each had two runs as WVU head coach, one prior to 1943 and one after.

So Pitt definitely has some history on their side. And when you think about WVU's record and some of the big name coaches they've had (Bobby Bowden, Don Nehlen, even Rich Rod), it's a little surprising that they have been winless against the Panthers. Hopefully Pitt can continue the tradition of beating West Virginia in their coach's first Backyard Brawl tomorrow night.