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Khem Birch To Transfer From Pitt? #BoomGoesTheDynamite

File this away in the rumor/speculation section for now but Twitter is exploding with talk that Pitt freshman Khem Birch could be transferring from the school.

This is not a drill.

Again, nothing confirmed yet, but Pitt is apparently 'no-commenting' this, which leads you to believe something could be up. This could be simply a situation of a young player upset that he's not getting enough minutes ... or it could be more.

Birch was perhaps Pitt's biggest recruit of all time and if this is over playing time, well, I'll have more on that later. But Birch has definitely been getting his share of minutes this season and even starting over junior Dante Taylor (who's been outplaying him recently, by the way).

Jamie Dixon isn't known to play freshmen all that much, but this year has been the exception with Birch as well as Cameron Wright and John Johnson getting quality minutes.

Stay tuned - this could be another bombshell. Let's hope it's not.