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Pitt Football Coaching Search: Q&As On Luke Fickell And Paul Chryst

Our assistant editor Adam over at SB Nation Pittsburgh's been a busy guy lately. He's not only been covering the Penn State stuff over there, he's been doing a lot of work on Pitt as well. He recently had a chance to discuss two potential Pitt coaching candidates over there with other SB Nation bloggers - Paul Chryst and Luke Fickell.

To be honest, I'm much higher on both of these guys than lots of the other names being thrown around there such as Mario Cristobal, Paul Rhoads, etc. Not sure either is the long-term solution for Pitt, but I'm impressed with both and at first glance, think they'd do a pretty good job if given the chance.

As always - a great job on both. Here they are, so be sure to check them out:

Luke Fickell of Ohio State

Paul Chryst of Wisconsin

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