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Pitt Basketball: Ashton Gibbs' Minutes To Decrease?

Earlier this week, I wrote about Ashton Gibbs' insane minutes so far thus season. It's hard to point to that as the only reason of him struggling so much with his shot, but I definitely thinks it's a factor.

The good news? Jamie Dixon does, too, and will look to cut his minutes a bit.

Dixon agrees that Gibbs simply can't continue to play this much:

"It's too much," the Pitt coach said. "It's too many minutes."

The coach also brought up something I've repeatedly said ever since Gibbs started playing point - his time there needs to be limited:

"We got the ball in (Gibbs') hands a lot," Dixon said. "I hope we can get away from that a little bit. We've got to get him off the ball a little bit more."

Dixon may want to limit Gibbs' minutes (and I think it's the right thing to do), but Woodall's injury simply changes everything. Pitt can't afford to throw Cameron Wright out there for 25 minutes if he's going to go all goose egg on us and while John Johnson has been extremely impressive, if he ever starts struggling, Dixon may not be able to sit Gibbs as much he wants.