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Pitt Headed To BBVA Compass Bowl To Face SMU: What Not To Like

Earlier this week, I mentioned some good things about Pitt's upcoming (well, if you consider 'upcoming' more than a month away) bowl game against SMU.

But that was just half of the story. Here are the things I'm not too thrilled about.

Pitt just did this last year. Sure it's a bowl game, but I'm generally not a fan of playing in the exact same game unless you reach the BCS or a National Championship game.

Then there's the fact that the Panthers are playing against a C-USA team. That's not meant as a knock against SMU, but I will say it was a bit easier to get up for playing an SEC squad than it will be for this one. In terms of competition, this year's SMU team is probably not that much worse than last year's Kentucky team, but bowl games are partially about conference bragging rights. Would be nice if Pitt was matched up against a team from a BCS AQ conference.

The game is also near the very end of bowl season. By the time the game rolls around, most fans' teams have already played and the only thing to look forward to (well, if you're down with rematches) is the national championship. The game is on a Saturday and that should help, but playing that late in the bowl season isn't something I'm excited about.

Still, as I said before, better to be in a bowl than not.