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Pitt Football Recruiting: Panthers Wrap Up Fairly Quiet National Signing Day

Todd Graham's first recruiting class at Pitt is in (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Todd Graham's first recruiting class at Pitt is in (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Pitt football head coach Todd Graham wrapped up a fairly uneventful National Signing Day - time for a quick recap of the day's events.

Well, the whole class is out and here it is.

The biggest development to come out of today might be that Pitt was unable to land many of the top stars they coveted. Michael Eubank (Arizona State), Ejuan Price (Ohio State), Delvon Simmons (North Carolina), Desimon Green (Texas Tech), and Branden Jackson (Texas Tech) all looked elsewhere. Had Pitt been able to land even 1-2 of those guys, the class would have been boosted significantly.

Speaking of that class, Scout ranks it 54th in the nation (as of now, anyway). That's a far cry from the ranking of around 75-80 that it was a while back. As I pointed out yesterday, recruiting rankings aren't all that reliable. But also as I've mentioned in the past, no one in their right mind would, as a whole, rather have lower-rated recruits than higher-rated ones.

About a week ago, I threw out the top 50 class as kind of a measuring stick. For Graham to achieve that isn't a crowning achievement, but it shows he certainly did a good job with this class. He didn't only salvage it with just any kids, but he picked up some pretty good recruits along the way. If I had to grade Graham on this process, I'd give him a B. Not a perfect grade, but certainly above average. Don't forget, this class had a total of six commits when he came on board. To get up to 20 (and again, bring in some nice players) was, I'm sure, hard work.

Even though the day was fairly nondescript, there were a couple of surprises.

Four-star DB Lafayette Pitts decommitted from Rutgers and came back to Pitt. His cousin, Jevonte Pitts, committed to Pitt earlier this week, and that looked to be possibly a ploy to get a hold of Lafayette. Graham, of course, would never admit that even if it were true (which it, of course, may not be), but Jevonte was rated only as a two-star with perhaps no other offers reportedly on the table. So for Pitt to all of a sudden offer him seems a bit sketchy.

The other surprise was that Pitt signed another receiver, Justin Jackson, that had not been showing up on their targeted lists. Jackson was only a two-star and I hadn't previously heard of him being on Pitt's radar. Both Rivals and Scout have next to no information on him and he reportedly had no other offers. This was perhaps a late-minute pickup to fill out the class, but if that were truly the case, wouldn't Pitt have just gone after a local prospect instead? So I think Jackson was either truly on their radar or was signed for some ulterior reason. We may never know.

Now we look forward to seeing just how many of these kids can actually play.