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Pitt Basketball: Cue Jamie Dixon Rumors In 3...2...

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Well, it's that time of year again. After another year of college basketball, schools are again looking for new coaches. Jamie Dixon's name usually finds its way into some of those discussions and this year is no different as a Knoxville TV station fires the first shot of the season. says Dixon and Villanova coach Jay Wright are on the wishlist of the Tennessee Volunteers to replace ousted coach Bruce Pearl. The list apparently stemmed from a leak in the athletic department. Meanwhile, lots of other sources, such as The Tennessean, also picked up on the story.

Sorry, but I just don't see this one as anything more than aiming high or as a diversion. Going to Tennessee from Pitt would be a step down when it comes to basketball. Plus, what's the connection? We all know about Dixon having ties out West, but unless there's a boatload of money, this move just doesn't make a lot of sense. Hard to see him picking up, uprooting his family, and heading to Tennessee for basically no reason at all. We all know the story and why Pitt is a great job - good money, great facilities, livable city. He's also starting to recruit pretty well here and I don't see him leaving his legacy at Pitt to don an orange blazer.

And then you've got the fact that two of the team's best players are contemplating leaving school early. Nothing like starting with a partially-empty cupboard.

For now, I'm filing this under the 'nonsense' file.

Andy Katz of also says Dixon will be a target for N.C. State - but he doesn't see it happening.