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Pitt Football: Panthers' First Scrimmage Comes And Goes

Pitt's first official scrimmage of Spring practice was held this weekend and head coach Todd Graham says it went about as expected.

So how about that new offense? Well the good news is that the offense had some big plays (nine plays of 25 yards are more), it wasn't fast enough for Graham:

At one point in the scrimmage, the Panthers were getting snaps off in about 15 seconds (from whistle to snap), but, as the day wore on, they slowed down. None of it was fast enough to please coach Todd Graham. "It went like I thought it would, I think we made a lot of progress," Graham said. "We were at a turtle's pace right now, I know you don't think it is, but it is, we're slow right now."

Still, he said the players are doing better than expected:

"Coach Magee and I have seen where these players need to be and the end result that needs to be reached. The players are way ahead of where we expected them to be at this time.

Tino Sunseri also talked about the offensive speed:

Tino Sunseri, the clear No. 1 quarterback, said he is not having trouble grasping the mental aspect of the offense.

"It is not very difficult once you understand what you are doing," he said.

The offense represents a change from what most Pitt players have grown up with, but Sunseri said he is not frustrated.

"I think it's interesting," he said, adding it's harder on the defense. "Our defensive guys come off the field and say how much of a strain it is on them."

What's that? You didn't miss the fact the Trib called him the 'clear No. 1 quarterback?' Well that's where he stands right now and I've seen nothing in keeping up with all the Spring practice articles that would indicate otherwise. Is Sunseri guaranteed to have the job in the Fall? Guarantee may be too strong of a word, but it's looking that way more and more.