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Pitt Basketball: Jamie Dixon Hires Bill Barton As Assistant Replacement

So, it looks like a return trip for Barry Rohrssen wasn't in the cards. When Pitt basketball assistant Pat Skerry left to become the new head coach at Towson (he hasn't had a great start, by the way, with two of the team's best players leaving), I thought that Rohrssen would be a good fit.

But Jamie Dixon had other ideas and selected Bill Barton from Marshall.

I'm not familiar with Barton, but he just came from Marshall - strangely, where former Jamie Dixon assistant Tom Herrion is. He also coached former Pitt guard Carl Krauser at Notre Dame Prep School, where he was for ten seasons. Notre Dame Prep is also the school where Khem Birch is coming from. Barton didn't coach Birch, but he did coach a bunch of other Division I talent such as Michael Beasley, Ryan Gomes, and Lazar Haywood among others.

There are also some other pretty big fish for the class of 2012 at Notre Dame Prep.