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2011 NBA Draft: Ashton Gibbs And Panthers Not Rated Highly By Chad Ford

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We all know that seniors Gilbert Brown, Brad Wanamaker, and Gary McGhee are considered as players on the fringe of the NBA Draft. But not only does's Chad Ford doesn't apparently not think much of those three, he doesn't think too much of junior guard Ashton Gibbs, either.

Ford, in his list of top 100 prospects, doesn't list any Panthers (must be an Insider to view). I'm not sure what I think of their draft chances, but none in the top 100? That seems like a bit of a reach to me. I'm not sure I'd put Brown, Wanamaker, or McGhee there, but even though I think Gibbs would make a mistake coming out early, I'd probably find a home for him in the top 100.

So where does Ford rank them? Gibbs is the highest-rated Panther at No. 122. Brown and Wanamaker are in the top 150, but McGhee is nowhere to be seen.

Bottom line is that there are tons of question marks regarding Pitt's players and the NBA Draft.