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Pitt Football: Todd Graham - Meet Joe Paterno ... And The Nittany Lion

So Todd Graham met with Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, Temple head coach Steve Addazio, and some high school coaches to talk about some various programs such as Hall of Fame exhibits for Pennsylvania head coaches, a high-school All-Star game, and a high school convention.

Nothing wrong with that, obviously.

Graham was even thrilled to see Paterno.

Of Paterno, Graham said:

"It’s an honor for me to spend time with him today," Panthers coach Todd Graham said Friday, with Owls coach Steve Addazio looking on at a gathering to promote Pennsylvania high school football.

"It’s a thrill to be here, to be around him," Graham said, "around someone who’s made that kind of impact for a long period of time."

Again, all well and good. But the disturbing part is found later in the story:

The coaches then came to the Penn State team squad room where they all posed for photographers against the backdrop of the blue Nittany Lions logo before the high school coaches took the first turn at the microphone.

I'm sorry, that's just...well, weird. I understand the photo op, obviously, but what's with having everyone practically strike a pose with the Nittany Lion logo?

Anyway, Graham made no bones about wanting to get the Pitt-Penn State rivalry started again:

"I can remember watching that game growing up and the tremendous tradition that that game was, and we would actually love to play that game in the future," Pitt's first-year football coach said Friday at Penn State's Lasch Football Building. "It would be something that we'd be very much in favor of."

And with that, I offer the predictable *yawn*.