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Pitt Football: Kolby Gray To Transfer ... To Baylor?

The basketball team has had its share of former players in the news finding new homes (J.J. Richardson to Houston and Dwight Miller to Tennessee) recently, so I guess the football team didn't want to be left out.

Former quarterback turned safety turned quarterback turned safety, Kolby Gray, has decided to move on. Just where he's headed is somewhat of a mystery.

The Post-Gazette says Baylor, but the Trib-Review isn't so sure. So where's Gray going if he's not headed to Baylor? Tulsa? Texas Tech? Houston?

How about leaving to start a country music career? No, seriously.

That's what the Trib article says. At least if he's going to start a country career, he's headed in the right direction by returning closer to his Houston home like the Trib piece says.

But if he does go to Baylor, that makes sense. As Scout points out, Gray was recruited by new Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett. I'll also say this for Kolby - he, like so many college kids, kind of got a raw deal. He was recruited as a quarterback, and switched to safety. Just as he was getting adjusted, Todd Graham moved him back to quarterback and then to safety again.

The other thing to remember is that the secondary is going to be pretty crowded next season and playing time for Gray would have likely been scarce.

I don't fully blame Graham - a coach is constantly put into bad situations with injuries, transfers, etc. and at the end of the day, he's got to put players where he needs them. But for kids like Gray, it just seems inherently unfair.

There's also some confusion about backup tight end, Dan Schneider, who is also leaving the program.