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2011 NBA Draft: Ashton Gibbs' Decision Indeed Pushed Back

No sooner than I write that Gibbs' "one week or so" deadline was here, there's this news that his decision is indeed being pushed back:

Ashton Gibbs is not expected to make a decision about returning to Pitt or turning professional until this weekend.

Gibbs will participate in a workout at the New Jersey Nets practice facility on Saturday and Sunday. More than 40 players, including underclassmen and seniors, will participate. The workouts will feature 5-on-5 scrimmages and players will be evaluated in morning and evening sessions.

Fittipaldo then went on to say what I wrote a while back (and what 99% of us already knew):

It only makes sense for Gibbs to receive the feedback from the NBA general managers and scouts. This is the only opportunity for him to showcase his talents to NBA personnel people. To make a decision before receiving the information would have been shortsighted.

That was the one thing I didn't understand when I wrote it about two weeks ago - what was the hurry? I get that a decision has to be made by this weekend, but why not at least wait until after your workout? Sure, you've got to already have an idea which way you're leaning before then, but I don't know why you wouldn't wait. If you've really got no shot at being drafted, wouldn't you want to know.

Now, Gibbs may still have his mind made up. This could be all for show. But I feel better knowing he'll at least have heard from scouts before he makes his final decision.