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Pitt Football: My Turn For Big East Power Rankings

Over the weekend, I mentioned Andrea Adelson's Big East power rankings. Even though it's crazy early, thought I'd weigh in on where I see the conference rankings.

And, no - I don't have Pitt first.

Would I be all that surprised to see Pitt come out on top and win a conference title in Todd Graham's first season? Not at all - the conference is awful and with the exception of maybe Rutgers or UConn, everyone else may have a legitimate shot at winning the crown.

Here are my rankings:

1. West Virginia

2. Pitt

3. South Florida

4. Cincinnati

5. Syracuse

6. Louisville

7. Rutgers

8. UConn

I know - how can I put the Huskies in last after they won the title last year? This has to be some kind of mock revenge for UConn winning the hoops championship, right? No, actually it's not. The Huskies are in deep trouble next season. They're breaking in a new quarterback and lost not only Jordan Todman, but backup Robbie Frey as well. They also have no receiving corps and a new coach to top it off. The good news for the Huskies is that they have an extremely light non-conference schedule that should help their record, but I simply don't see them competing in the conference next year.