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Fred Hill Secures Another Job ... As Assistant

That's what happens when you go all crazy at a college baseball game of all places.

In case you don't remember, Rutgers basketball coach Fred Hill reportedly went nuts on Pitt baseball coach Joe Jordano at a Pitt-Rutgers contest after Jordano challenged an umpire's ruling. In case you're wondering what a basketball coach was doing at a baseball game, Hill's father is the baseball coach.

The outburst eventually cost him his job and he was replaced by, ironically, former Pitt assistant and Robert Morris head coach Mike Rice.

Hill is apparently getting another shot at coaching now.

Looks like he is slated to coach at Northwestern. There's a caveat, though - he'll be joining the program as an assistant.

Hill was only 47-77 at Rutgers and would be hard pressed to get another head coaching gig ... at least right away. The outburst was bad in itself, but the fact that he didn't win enough certainly doesn't help matters.

Frankly, I was really surprised that it eventually cost him his job. Is yelling at another coach as a spectator a bit crazy? Sure it is. But to be fired over it? Either it was really over the top or Rutgers was just glad to be rid of him, anyway.