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Pitt Football: Anthony Gonzalez Seeking Shortened Suspension?

The news broke on Tuesday about Anthony Gonzalez' situation. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing on his drug and alcohol charges, but there is apparently a new twist to the story. is reporting that Gonzalez is planning to apply for a first-time offenders program. Enrolling in the program isn't just for show - there's a purpose:

Enrollment in the accelerated rehabilitative disposition program, known as ARD, will hopefully allow for Gonzalez to have only a short suspension from the University of Pittsburgh football team, his attorney Joshua Karoly said.

His attorney added:

"We hope with this outcome, the suspension will be minimal," Karoly said.

Could this mean Gonzalez is reinstated in time for Fall camp? Beats me, but it sounds as if that's the intent to me.


The Trib points out that his arraignment is scheduled for September 1st, only two days before the opener against Buffalo. If he's suspended through the arraignment process, obviously that means the chances of him backing up starter Tino Sunseri in that game would be nonexistent.

Despite being the apparent named backup (well, after the Spring, anyway), Gonzalez will probably need a good chunk of training camp this Fall in order to start the season in that role. If he can somehow convince Todd Graham to end the suspension in the next month, then he should be fine.

If the plan doesn't work? Well, Mark Myers should start warming up that arm.