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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Brandon Lindsey In Line For Big Year?

Brandon Lindsey came out of nowhere last season and filled Greg Romeus' shoes better than anyone could have expected. Sure, we've been over the fact that Lindsey's big year was due at least in part to Jabaal Sheard drawing a lot of attention, but ten sacks is ten sacks. And Lindsey's ten sacks were good for 14th in the nation and 2nd in the Big East.

He's now hoping another big year will translate into a high draft pick selection.

Last week, we looked at Lindsey being named as the third best defensive end prospect by ESPN Draft guru Mel Kiper. This week, CBS Sports gives Lindsey some respect as well.

The site rates him as a linebacker prospect since that's his new position for 2011. Overall, he's listed as the third best outside linebacker. Additionally, two CBS Sports contributors both have Lindsey in the first round in their mock drafts.

As for Lindsey himself, he says he's not looking ahead to the draft just yet:

"It's a little too early to start thinking about the NFL Draft, but really, it's not too far away," Lindsey said. "This is my last year (at Pitt), and I know it's going to happen. What round I get drafted ... it all depends on what I do on the field this season."

With Lindsey moving to the Panther linebacker position and being one of the focal points of the defense, I'm curious to see what kind of numbers he can put up this season.