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Twin Recruits Commit To Pitt

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Pitt got some great news on the recruiting front today as Demitrious Davis and his twin brother Chris Davis both committed to the Panthers for the 2012 class. Pitt fans have been worried about this recruiting class, as many of the recruits in Todd Graham's class have been more under the radar and not the highly touted recruits we've grown accustomed to when Dave Wannstedt was head coach. Demitrious (4 stars ESPN, 3-stars Rivals, 3 stars Scout), the higher rated of the twins, had offers from Arkansas, Iowa, West Virginia, and Cincinnati. Chris (2 stars ESPN, 3 stars Rivals, 3 stars Scout) had similar offers to his brother. They come from Youngstown, Ohio and are both projected to be wide receivers at Pitt.

UPDATE: Pitt Script has some highlights of the twins in the latest post.

Will these commitments put to rest the worries some fans had about Pitt's recruiting class? Yes and no. While some, myself included, are glad that this class is getting more prestigious recruits, there is still more work to be done with this class obviously. One name to keep an eye on is Cleveland, Tennessee QB Chad Voytik, who has Pitt as his top choice. Voytik was recently named an Elite 11 QB this weekend at the finals at Pepperdine University in California. For those who don't know what this means, here's a stat courtesy of ESPN:

Of the 32 quarterbacks projected to start in the NFL this year, 22 came through the Elite 11 program, Dilfer said, as did four of the top 12 picks in the 2011 NFL draft.

ESPN will air two one-hour programs on August 12th and 19th as part of their "Year of the QB" about the Elite 11. Voytik figures to make an appearance during the program.