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Athlon Ranks Top 25 Big East Players

Is Geno Smith really that good? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Is Geno Smith really that good? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Rankings, rankings, rankings - I get it. Suck it up, it's the offseason.

Anyway, Athlon released their list of the top 25 Big East players and while Pitt had its share, West Virginia dominated the top ten.

Or more specifically, the top seven. The Mountaineers had four of the top seven players on the list, including No. 1 - Geno Smith. I've got no beef with the guys on that list, including Geno. That said, I think Smith at the top spot is a bit of a stretch. I'd be inclined to lean towards Zach Collaros of Cincinnati or even Pitt's Ray Graham, who at No. 9, is probably a bit lower than he should have been. Brandon Lindsey topped all Panthers at No. 4 and others on the list included Jarred Holley (No. 12), Lucas Nix (No. 23), and Chas Alecxih (No. 24).

Not sure what it is, but I'm just not sold on Geno as the conference's best player. The stats are on his side - he completed nearly 65% of his passes last season while throwing for 24 touchdowns against only seven picks.

Big games? Geno's done just fine. He doesn't throw for a lot of yards, but barring a disaster at Syracuse last year, he played pretty well through the entire season.

It's not anti-WVU bias, either, so maybe I've just got this one wrong.