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Pitt Football Recruiting: Dakota Conwell Commitment Seems Shaky

As Greg pointed out yesterday, Pitt got some good news with the commitment of Dakota Conwell. Conwell wasn't a big-time recruit, rated as a two-star prospect by Scout and a three-star by Rivals. But in looking a bit beyond that, he had drawn some interest from Penn State, West Virginia, and Michigan, so Pitt could have a gem.

But, in all honesty, this sounds like one of the shakiest commitments I've heard in a long time. This has nothing to do with questioning his character, rather the whole situation just sounds like a kid not too sure.

Clue No. 1 was the comments made by his coach after his commitment:

"I could probably build an argument that maybe he should've played this season and then see what transpires with colleges," said Upper St. Clair coach Jim Render. "But he's happy with Pitt, and if he's happy with Pitt, I'm ecstatic."

My favorite part of the quote is "I'm ecstatic." Maybe it's just me and maybe it's the context of the quote, but it doesn't sound that way. If that were really the case, there'd be no need to mention an argument about him waiting to make a commitment.

Conwell's brother also doesn't seem all that sold on Pitt:

"He wanted me to be a little patient," said Dakota of his brother, who initially went to Indiana University before transferring to California University of Pennsylvania. "He said, 'Don't just make an emotional decision; really think about it.' "

And then, we've got the most important quote that came straight from Dakota himself (albeit about a week ago):

"I'd like to get the Penn State offer, but if not I like the other schools that have offered me as well," Conwell told Scout's Bob Lichtenfels on June 28.

Now, the telling thing isn't that Dakota made such a quote - it's that it came only a little more than a week ago. So he went from hoping for a Penn State offer about six months away from needing to make a decision to latching onto a Pitt offer with plenty of time to spare before National Signing Day.

Frankly, I can see why his brother made that statement. This has all the smell of an emotional decision. I've got no idea what happened or if it is a snap decision, but it sounds like there are some question marks.