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Pitt Football Recruiting: Tight End Brock DeCicco Leaving Panthers

We mentioned here on Friday that according to a Post-Gazette report, tight end Brock DeCicco was possibly leaving the Pitt program. The Post-Gazette is now saying DeCicco will indeed transfer and is on his way out.

This isn't a big surprise and when he decided to take a break and head home, it was looking more and more likely. DeCicco apparently has some ideas already about where he'd like to go.

The Post-Gazette reports that Iowa, Wisconsin, and Virginia Tech are potential destinations since they all recruited him out of high school. Todd Graham also had this to say:

“Brock informed us today of his intention to transfer to another school. We have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to get to know Brock the past eight months and wish him only the very best in his future endeavors.”

I mentioned before that I understood where DeCicco's going with this since he finds it hard to see a fit in Todd Graham's new offense. I remain amazed that Pitt didn't lose more players in the transition from Dave Wannstedt to Graham and when you factor in all the transfers the Panthers got since Graham's arrival, they've actually come out ahead.

The thing that DeCicco really deserves credit for is the fact that he legitimately gave Graham's offense a chance. He stuck it out through the Spring, the Summer, and the first part of Fall camp. The easy way out would have been to high-tail it out of here as soon as Graham came on board, but I think in sticking around for a bit, he really showed that he didn't want to leave the program and really has a bit of integrity.