Pittsburgh Lacrosse: Move to D1 in ACC?

With Pittsburgh now a member of the ACC, the question of lacrosse has been raised in the lax community. Syracuse joining gives the conference five teams, joining Maryland, Duke, Virginia and North Carolina. To have an automatic bid in the NCAA Tournament, a conference needs six teams.

There has been talk of Rutgers, a D1 lacrosse team, moving to the ACC from the Big East as well. However, there has also been talk of MCLA teams such as Pittsburgh, Boston College and North Carolina State joining Division one. NC State and BC are former D1 teams, however Pittsburgh has never left the Mens Collegiate Lacrosse Association.

To complete the ACC lacrosse puzzle, the Panthers may give it a try. Major League Lacrosse has an abundance of Pitt alum in the front offices, and the newly minted Ohio Machine franchise GM is a former Panter. It would certainly create a buzz of Pittsburgh lacrosse in the pro lacrosse world, and continue to grow the sport in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh has had two professional lacrosse franchises, the Pittsburgh Bulls and Pittsburgh CrossFire, both of which player in the National Lacrosse League, an Indoor League.

The ACC might be the best thing that has happened to Pittsburgh lacrosse. If they do decide to make the move to D1, it could become a major sport in Pittsburgh area.

Marisa Ingemi,

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