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Pitt Football: No Quarterback Change For South Florida Game

Tino Sunseri will again be getting the starting nod this week (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Tino Sunseri will again be getting the starting nod this week (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
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No time this week for a full top ten of Todd Graham's press conference, but for those of you/us (heck, I may be joining this bandwagon soon) hoping for a quarterback change, it apparently won't happen this week.

Todd Graham addressed the issue at his weekly press conference and it's not sounding like a change is in the works.

On a possible change at quarterback, Graham had this to say:

"No, Tino Sunseri still gives us the best opportunity to win a championship. For every person it's a process and for some players it happens faster than others. We like Trey Anderson and we made the decision to put him in the third series (against Notre Dame), so we might do that again. I like getting him some experience because he has a different skill set. He also walked here in August so he is still learning. He is a talent and I am thankful for him. We will give him some series from time to time like last week. He will play but our starting quarterback is Tino. We have to get some things corrected but he has the most experience. We have to put the person out there who gives us the best opportunity to win and that is Tino."

For me, it's really hard to argue this choice. If Pitt legitimately had another good option, I think we would have seen a change by now. But it's hard to see Trey Anderson as that guy right now. I'm not saying I wouldn't give him a shot, but he's a true freshman who literally came to the team two months ago. I don't know how he could have such a grasp of the system where he would be a definite improvement over Sunseri.

That said, as I wrote in the Notre Dame recap, I wouldn't have a problem with seeing what he can do. The problem, though, is that this game is too important. Against South Florida, I think Pitt needs to take its chances with Tino and that's apparently what they'll do.