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Pitt Football: Pitt Vs. Maine - Five Things To Look For

Here are five things to look for duing tomorrow's game against Maine:

5. (tie) Ryan Turnley at center: Turnley did an incredible job last week at Buffalo getting all of the snaps off properly without any hitches from what I could tell. We didn't notice Turnley during the game and that's a good thing. That was a big concern of mine, but Pitt will need him to do it again this week.

5. (tie) How much does Juan Price play at linebacker: Todd Graham mentioned during his press conference that Price played 30 snaps against Buffalo and they'd like to get him in there more. We may see that happen this weekend, but Price is behind Brandon Lindsey at the Panther linebacker spot according to the two-deep for this week, so a ton of snaps isn't realistic unless he plays a different position. If he keeps progressing, it will be interesting to see how much time he gets as the season wears on.

4. Trey Anderson's debut: Expect to see the backup quarterback Trey Anderson get some playing time. If the game situation allows for it, I'd love to see him play a few series - and not just handing the ball off late to run out the clock, either. I don't see how Anderson doesn't play unless the game is close throughout.

3. Kevin Harper's leg: I expressed concern over Harper missing two field goals in last week's game recap and that concern hasn't gone away this week. I get it - 'Chill, they were only two kicks and Pitt won.' Fact is, though, that his accuracy was the reason we heard about him not playing last season. Starting off 0-2 isn't the worst thing in the world (especially when one of those was a 47-yard attempt) but it is something to think about.

2. High octane start: Can't wait to see how Pitt comes out of the blocks this week. Playing against an FCS team isn't going to give us the best indication of how much they've improved, but it would be nice to throw up about 20 points in the first half.

1. Tino Sunseri: Who else could it be, right? Tino wasn't horrible last week, but he wasn't great, either - a recurring theme carried over from last season. Pitt will eventually need him to make plays and not simply cost the team the game. I think he's capable of doing that, but he still needs to go out and prove it. Completing short passes to wide open receivers would be a start.